Project omschrijving

One access point for all business information and processes

Most of the companies are using several
applications supporting their business
processes. This means employees must logon to
different systems with a different look and feel
and are often struggling finding the right
information or need to take action in different
systems for executing a process.
Therefore it would be great if all employees
could have one central point of access, showing
them all the information in an userfriendly

HuRis has developed the Digital Workplace for this
purpose. With the Digital Workplace employees have
one central point of access to all required information
and business applications.

The Digital Workplace brings together all relevant
information out of different business applications for
the users based on their roles. In this way they can
access one central Employee portal and can easily find
the information they are looking for, or starting the
right process.


Main features of the
digital workplace

  • Central access point for all employees
  • Personalized
    • Information and tools relevant to the user
    • Based on the different roles
  • Look and feel fully adjustable per customer
  • Links with business applications such as; SuccessFactors, Office 365, other HR
    systems, etc. via Single Sign On
  • Including Content Management System for maintenance by the customer
  • Access anywhere
    • All devices
    • 24/7


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