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SAP SuccessFactors, the leader in HCM software on cloud-based HR, automates HR processes and HR administration for many organizations across the globe. This said, documents and E-mails are still a necessity for HR everywhere. On paper or in digital form.

Sending offers to job-applicants, a labor contract, confirmation letters for promotions etc., all of this is mostly done on paper. Employee data are merged (or copied) into a MS-Word letter, printed and sent.Signed documents are received and stored in a Personnel File.

A lot of manual activities are not aligned with the digital HR administration and processes. Errors, losing track on documents and miscommunication are a ‘fact of life’ when it comes to manual document management.


Main Features

  • Fully integrated in SuccessFactors
  • User friendly and easy to use
  • Event driven generation of documents
  • Integration with DocuSign for digital signatures
  • Mass generation
  • Easily manage templates in a familiar MS-Office environment Generate in Word, PDF, E-mail and saving directly in the Digital Personnel File
  • Using dynamic fields, images and calculated fields
  • Defining optional and required fields
  • Using SuccessFactors authorizations (Role Based Permissions)
  • Different templates for different user groups
  • Extensive E-mail options
  • Flexible retention period configuration
  • Extensive search options for documents
  • Template based implementation for quick deployment


The Document Manager provides a document management system, fully integrated in SAP SuccessFactors.

The Document Manager easily creates your documents directly in Success Factors using the actual or future data of the Employee. It handles the formal signing with DocuSign. Documents are saved automatically in the Digital Personnel File. And the Document Manager automatically keeps track on retentionperiods of stored documents.

User friendly and easy to use

With the Document Manager, you can use your current Word, E-mailor PDF templates and create and maintain the templates yourself in the familiar MS-Office environment.

Using the event driven generation, the complete process of generating, sending, signing and saving documents is fully automated. With the Document Manager for SuccessFactors your HR representatives create documents faster and easier, saving alot of time


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