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Expenses managed
smooth and swiftly

Are your employees still using expense forms with all kind of receipts? Is your expense officer still manually handling these forms?

Expense management can be a time-consuming process with a lot of paper, receipts, handling and errors. All this is takes time and money. What if employees can claim expenses digitally, along with the necessary receipts and checked on most company regulations automatically? This will save a lot of time and money and makes the expense management process much quicker and error-free.


Main Features of the expense manager

  • Fully integrated in SuccessFactors
  • User friendly and easy to use
  • Claim expenses directly in SuccessFactors using self-service
  • Easily enclose digital receipts with your expenses claim
  • Responsive design
  • Photograph receipts with your smartphone and enclose them directly
  • Integration with Google Maps for calculating distances
  • Different types of expenses for different groups of employees
  • Different types of expenses with specific screens and validation rules
  • Integrated currency converter
  • Notifications to the manager and HR officer
  • Always insight in the status of a claim expense
  • Easy maintain and adjust

Claim, check and pay

The Expense Manager provides just the right, easy-to-use functionality for the employee, the approving manager as well as the HR/Finance role. It supports your expense processes within the rules of your corporate policy and legislation. Different types of expenses for different groups of employees and with different validation rules are posssible.

Using Google Maps the Expense Manager can automatically calculate distances to claim and validate travel expenses. Employees can photograph their receipts, using a smartphone, and enclose them directly in their expense claim.


The Expense Manager is completely integrated in SuccessFactors. Claims are saved in SuccessFactors, and in that way automatically integrated with your Payroll System.


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