Project omschrijving


SAP SuccessFactors, the leader in HCM software on cloud-based HR, automates HR processes and HR administration for many organizations across the globe. We would also like to use SuccessFactors for the flexible benefits that we have in the Netherlands to support this process.

SuccessFactors, however, offers some basic possibilities with regard to supporting flexible benefits, which are not always sufficient for the Dutch market. HuRis has developed the Flexben Manager for this purpose. With the Flexben Manager, employees can easily make their own choices. The Flexben Manager shows the right budgets and goals to the employee and supports the entire process for submitting and processing the requests. By means of user-friendly screens of the Flexben Manager it is easy for all employees to make and submit their own choices online!

The Flexben Manager of HuRis offers the possibility to start application processes directly from SuccessFactors based on the granted authorizations within SuccessFactors. The correct calculations and checks are made automatically and choices are stored directly in the SuccessFactors fields.

With the Flexben Manager, you can use workflow processes to approve the various applications. This means that the process for flexible benefits can also take place and that data can be stored and processed in a uniform manner. With the Flexben Manager, you can support your entire process of your flexible benefits directly in SuccessFactors!


Main Features

  • Employees can make their own choices via Self Service
  • Choices can be approved through workflow by different roles
  • Choices are automatically saved in the correct SuccessFactors fields
  • Processing to Payroll and leave calculation takes place in and out of SuccessFactors
  • User-friendly and easy


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