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Import data in successfactors
fast and error-free

Collective salary changes, replacements, time-balance updates etc. All are mass data-mutations which must be entered in SuccessFactors. 

Although SuccessFactors offers an import tool for Admin-users, HR-officers lack this functionality. Importing import files by HR-officers saves time and prevent errors. They need a user-friendly tool within their SuccessFactors authorizations.

The Import Manager enables all authorized users to insert and update big amounts of data. For each process (for example a list of recurring pay components, but also for a new hire) a standard template import file (Excel) will be generated. By just adding the right data in the Excel file and uploading the file, imports can be performed more efficiently by the right authorized (decentral) users. This saves a lot of time for your organization and typing errors are history.

Organizations can use the import manager to delegate the right tasks to the right persons in a controlled and efficient way.


Main features of the import manager

  • Fully integrated in SuccessFactors
  • User friendly and easy to use
  • Using SuccessFactors authorizations (Role Based Permissions)
  • Mass changes can be done by the right (decentral) user
  • Guidance for users with easy upload templates
  • Using Excel for data import file
  • Supports all SuccessFactors modules
  • Supports propogation rules
  • Real-time data integration with SuccessFactors


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