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SAP SuccessFactors, the leader in HCM software on cloud-based HR, automates HR processes and HR administration for many organizations across the globe. This said, the integration with third party payroll systems or the check for payroll relevant data changes in SuccessFactors is often hard to accomplish.

SuccessFactors offers some basic exporting possibilities, but often customers require specific delta reports which are not possible or provided within SuccessFactors. For example an overview with all payroll relevant data changes for a payroll administrator or for a third party payroll system is something which is not available in SuccessFactors. To make this available a lot of reports need to be run and combined or a complicated integration should be realized.

The Payroll Change Report (as part of our general Report Manager) provides the possibility to easily export all relevant changes to a predefined output option.

When exporting to Excel all relevant changes (hires, terminations, job changes, salary changes, etc) are marked and directly visible for the payroll administrator. With the Payroll Change Report you can easily use the output for feeding all kind of third party payroll systems without realizing specific integrations.

Because the Payroll Change Report is directly available from the home screen of SuccessFactors, reports can be made easily available to the right user. When running the Payroll Change Report authorizations of SuccessFactors will be checked for the right permissions.

With the Payroll Change Report you’re able to export all relevant payroll changes in one export or report to efficiently check changes made in SuccessFactors and to easily use this as input for third party payroll systems


Main Features

  • Fully integrated in SuccessFactors
  • User friendly and easy to use
  • Extended delta mechanism to provide you an overview of all relevant data changes
  • All selection options available for running reports
  • Based on role based permissions of SucessFactors
  • Different output options possible
  • Template based implementation for quick deployment


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